10 Machinations of the Globalist Elites We Must Fight in 2023

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Many of us are currently preparing for Christmas. Others are just busy dealing with winter weather. It's the time of year when we look ahead to prospects and threats. Unfortunately, 2023 seems to be gearing up for a lot more threats than opportunities so we must get ready now.

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On today's episode of The JD Rucker Show, I'll be discussing the ten things listed below that I believe the globalist elite cabal will roll out next year. By "roll out," I mean these are things that are already in play but that will ramp up or become more clearly problematic as our world devolves toward tyranny and oblivion.

It's important to recognize their goals so we can better understand the plans they have for us. At the core of their attacks on the people, the globalist elite cabal wants to destroy freedom in general and religious liberties in particular. This won't just affect the faithful as religious liberties go in both direction. It's not only about having the right to worship who and how we want. It's also the right to NOT worship who and how the state wants. As they experience in Communist China and other oppressive nations, the people are forced to worship government and bow to whichever gods the state presents them. To my atheist and agnostic readers and listeners, do not think this attack by the powers-that-be will spare you.

As I've noted many times, the machinations that we face — The Great Reset, the 4th Industrial Revolution, Build Back Better, the Liberal World Order, or whatever you want to call it — are part of a depopulation and control agenda. They want many if not most of us dead and they want control over the remnant. God will separate the wheat from the tares in the end. I cannot say definitively that we are in the end times, but if we are then I would argue that what we're seeing is a precursor to the spiritual separation that will take place soon.

Let's dive into the ten machinations I believe will ramp up in the new year. Considering that many of these things are already at ludicrous levels, ramping them up will cause mass devastation. It behooves us all to get ready immediately.

1. Medical Tyranny Will Strike Again, but for Different Reasons
2. Joe Biden Will Be Propped Up for as Long as They Can Keep Him
3. Groomers Will Continue to Emerge From the Shadows to Normalize Child Sexualization
4. LGBTQIA+ Supremacy Will Be Integrated Into EVERYTHING
5. Wars and Rumors of Wars
6. False Flag Attacks Will Frame Patriots as Domestic Terrorists
7. Deeper Food Shortages Will Prompt More Bugs and Frankenmeat
8. More Energy Shortages Will Be Manufactured
9. Tighter Economic “Squeezing” Will Turn Into Collapse Once CBDCs are Ready
10. Climate Change Cult Will Drive ALL Policies

Final Note

Now is not the time for despair. As bad as things seem to be right now, we know one of two things will happen. We will either overcome and persevere, or we are at the end and we will soon be home. Either way, our path forward remains the same. We fight the good fight, speak the truth, and prepare ourselves to deny dependence on government for as long as possible. Don't fret. Instead, do what you can to secure yourself and your family. Then, do what you can to secure your friends, neighbors, and community. The last thing we should do is look to Washington DC or the rising globalist leaders to find solutions. Whatever they have planned for us, it won't be good. Stay frosty.

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