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Kowalki vs Eastman “Elections Are Determined By The Ballot Not Bench”

Kowalke vs Eastman Day 7

Founder of Oath Keepers Stewart Rhodes will be first up today at 9:00am. Kowalkes Attorney is first on the pitchers mound and I’m sure he will have many “January 6th Committees” foul ball talking points ready to be used.

He will be Followed by David Eastman & then Eastman Sr be taking the stand (Not Related). Looks like this case will run into Wednesday Morning.

Below is what is almost current up to yesterdays trial for what has happened.

Day 6

Today in Palmer Superior Court the case for Kowalke vs Eastman, entered into day 6. Last Friday on the stand we got to hear from Micheal Nichols for the defense & he was at Capital on January 6th. He was there helping the Capital Police on the outside stairs clearing the Capital. The Plaintiff’s attorney tried to paint him & Eastman in the same light at those who entered the Capital that day. All the Prosecutor/Plaintiffs Attorney has accomplished is proving “Eastman” innocent of the slanderous accusations made against him by Kowalke.

Eastman was next to take the stand again after Kowalke’s Attorney grilled Nichols. Once again trying to paint everyone by the actions of others. Eastman answered a bunch more questions based upon other previous witnesses testimonies.

At 1:00 Stewart Rhodes, founder & president of the Oath Keepers took the stand. He explained how some rouge members, on their own volition did what they did & in no way was ever endorsed or condoned by the Oath Keepers themselves. That was not why they were there. Must watch video. You won’t hear the truth like this anywhere else.

Day Five for witnesses & the Defenses witness John Guandolo is currently on the stand. the Defense closed out his questioning for him last night. It’s the Prosecutors turn today. Must add this “Expert Witness” make the previous two look like partisan paid for Narrative, Agenda Driven Hacks. Like the “January 6th Committee Hearings”.

Election Are Determined By Ballot Not Bench

Kowalke vs Eastman

Day Four happened and after the cross examination of Eastman in the Palmer Courthouse. The Defense made their closing/opening arguments to dismiss. Just as predicted. The Judge decided to let this continue.

Now Oath Keepers founder Rhodes was suppose to be their fist star witness. Due to delays due to Zoom issues at the start of the day. He has been postponed it appears until Monday.

What happened earlier last week:

Additionally this case after two days of “Expert Witness” testimony. If you are someone who likes listening to Hearsay, Opinions, Feeling, with no evidence or facts to backup the implied allegations/narrative. (January 6th Committee Hearings) Then step right up and file your own lawsuits accusing everyone who belongs to any organization that has a member commit a crime, guilty by association.

Kowalke vs Eastman case is now entering day four. So far we have heard from the plaintiffs expert extreme far left opinion/hearsay/feelings expert witness about everything Oath Keepers. Who couldn’t even tell you how many people are a part of that organization.

Today at 9:00am, at the Palmer Courthouse, Day four will begin. Will they continue the trial after Eastman testifies today? Stay tuned and find out. It’s starting at 9:00 on Politadick to catch all the action happening in the courtroom today.

Our Elections are determined by the Ballot & Not the Bench. Sadly though, those on the Far Left since 2020 think our election process is in full control of our Judicial Branch & our Alaskan Voices & Votes means nothing to them.

This case has the future of our Republic on the line.

Get you popcorn popped & shot glasses ready. Going to be one hell of a show today.

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