The Best Christmas Gift: Sharing "Vaccine" Truth With Normie Friends and Relatives

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There's a shift happening. People are waking up and starting to ask questions. Former vaxx-nannies are quickly becoming more skeptical. Even some in corporate media are reluctantly reporting alarming details as adverse reactions mount and efficacy of the jabs is proven to be nil.

This Christmas is a perfect opportunity to talk to your "normie" friends and family members. There will be some who cannot be reached; it would take Anthony Fauci declaring the jabs are dangerous before his cultists will believe it. But others are coming around, including Hollywood leftist Tim Robbins. While he didn't come out against the jabs explicitly on a recent interview with Russell Brand, he noted that one of his moments of enlightenment came when he realized the CDC had changed the definition of the word "vaccine."

On today's episode of The JD Rucker Show, I'll be discussing that interview a bit, but my top story will be addressing the apparent mental illness that's spreading to the vaccinated. They are becoming more docile and it seems to be connected to the spike proteins from the jabs. Has that always been part of the plan? It would make sense for a globalist elite cabal bent on depopulation and control to want the masses to be more docile. Maybe the jabs are the trick.

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