Winter Solstice - Yvonne Power

1 year ago

To celebrate the Winter Solstice and the two year anniversary of Philly's book The Natural Wellness Journal, here's a bonus episode of the Wellness Way. Today Philly is joined by Yvonne Power, a spiritual life coach on a mission to teach people to tap into their own inner oracle.


This winter solstice is the two year anniversary of Philly’s book, The Natural Wellness Journal. She wrote the book in less than three months because she wanted to get out the information she’d learned because if everyone knew what she knows now, you’d never be afraid of anything.
Tarot is a mirror to our soul and shows us that is going on in our unconscious. It shows us the place where all those negative thoughts come from.
You can't be your best self if you're carrying around a big shadow. Great advice from Yvonne.
The Winter Solstice 2022 coincides with the new moon in Capricorn. This is a long term manifesting moon, all about planning the new and not instant gratification.


‘if everyone knew the powers we have then they could protect themselves'
'The only way you can do that is to heal past trauma'
'What is actually controlling things from underneath'

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Philly J Lay is the author of The Natural Wellness Journal, EFT practitioner, and is also a long-standing advocate for our health and that of our planet. After a near death experience and years of grief, resulting in a range of chronic illnesses, she discovered personalised natural medicine and the associated miracles of the body and power of the mind. Philly is passionate in her belief that everything is connected and that when we learn to heal ourselves, it will help to heal this beautiful world. Find all my socials and links here


The Wellness Way with Philly J Lay is a layperson’s guide to your natural health systems. Your very own NHS. Join me as I chat through many of the astonishing natural ways I used to self heal from a near death medical procedure, PTSD, addiction to opioids and alcohol, and years of grief that lead to many chronic illnesses including a tumour in my throat.
I will be sharing clips from my new Fasterclass series, Your Natural Wellness Journey, and interviewing some of the remarkable guides that have transformed my life. We will discuss their stories, specialist fields, and what led them down the path of natural health.

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