D4CE 5th Symposium: Session II Legal Update: How to stop the shots?

1 year ago

With Philipp Kruse, Renate Holzeisen, Ros Jones, and Ray L. Flores
Ray L. Flores II Esq, Senior Attorney at Children’s Health Defense, introduced the session by assuring the audience that “This is a very positive time.” He expressed his confidence that, although there is still a battle ahead, “we will ultimately prevail.”
3:00, Attorney Philipp Kruse LL.M. outlined a 300-page criminal complaint that he is currently spearheading against Swissmedic, the supreme supervisory and licensing authority in Switzerland.
The documentation is available at https://coronacomplaint.ch/.
25:30, Ray L. Flores described the status of legal actions in the United States, including a lawsuit and injunction filed by Children’s Health Defense, to be heard on January 23, 2023, challenging a Californian Law (AB2098) that curtails doctors’ freedom of speech.
31:15, Philipp Kruse, Human Rights Lawyer Dr. Renate Holzeisen, and retired Paediatrician Dr. Ros Jones MD joined Ray L. Flores to discuss their perspectives on the legal landscapes in their respective jurisdictions. Renate Holzeisen concluded by stressing that as public opinion changes in this way, judges and prosecutors are more willing to do their job. Ray Flores agreed, adding, “the courts follow the culture.”
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