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12/19/22 Monday Madness - Who Said That? Indict Trump

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Lets have some fun with Who Said it... When I Said that for 2 plus year... Meanwhile the new distraction of the week to "Indict Trump" for Jan 6th , more MSM distraction ... if they going to do it they would have been done it.. Who Said That? Jimmy Dore on YT can say whatever he wants about Covid19 , saying the same thing I have been saying for 2 years about the Plandemic Scamdemic he does not get any strikes or taken down.

1. The staged false flag of Jan 6th , is back in the news w/ the DemoKKKrats claiming they are going to indict Trump.... well come on with

2. Big fat Mammy STACEY ABRAMS- "I may run again

3. The Definition of Woman has been changed. Black Women Abandon the Post of Womanhood... they accepted the idea that Womanhood can be anything.... Black & White women are enabling the ERASURE of women.

4. I remember when attacking a bank teller was a felony here video of masculine black Woman gets mad bc teller took paycheck for overdraft fees jumps over the banker partition to take her check back from the teller

5. I have always said in Hollyweird/Music industry majority of the men are in the Bendover Club, here video proof of it.
a.) black culture has been socially engineered to live in a system that design to fail

6. This Younger Generation of Social Media Zombies are doomed , they're actions are not human

7. Revolt at NY TIMES , Liberals on Strike & they are airing their grievance which is contrary to the FAKE news they publish about the Biden Economy .

8. Elon Musk posted a poll should he resign at his roll in Twitter, claims he will step down whatever the results are

9. Vaccinated People make up majority of Covid19 Deaths
a.) Sean Penn says "The Unvaccinated are Criminals and they MUST be stripped of their jobs…” -

9. Now Miss Ben Shapiro supposedly just found out this information about how the government , CDC, & WHO lied about the vaccine

10. Jimmy Dore vaccine injured tells truth about they lied about everything & ppl wont apologize because most people are POS

11. Jimmy Dore calls out how DNC cheats in their primaries , he can talk about election rigging on Youtube but others can not

12. The Establishment hated Trump because he told the Truth about the political game of the Uni-party

13. Jimmy Dore tells the truth Social Distancing & Masking lie also the effectiveness of Ivermectin on youtube , but I & others have been deplatformed

14.Jimmy Dore Muller Report no collusion, now Reading & doing your own research is DUMB , Comedians going along with this, thats why comedy is dead

15. You're Being Unplugged , Leaving the Matrix
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