VACCINE SAFETY - Rogaland County Council 14th December 2022 - rep Susanne Heart (English subtitles)

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Speech by independent representative Susanne Heart to Rogaland County Council in Norway December 14th 2022.

"COVID VACCINE SAFETY: The Norwegian Parliament must start a debate"

"VACCINE SAFETY: The Norwegian Parliament must start a debate"

by: Susanne Heart

Dear County Council,
Together, we have been through almost 3 years of the pandemic. We have had to feel many strong emotions. Today I would like to offer my condolences to all those who have been injured or have lost someone, either from covid disease or from covid vaccination. My interpellation to the county council today is about vaccine safety and why I believe that the Norwegian Parliament must now take much greater responsibility for the safety of our population.

I have received several stories from people who have been vaccine injured. Many do not dare to be open about their stories. They are ashamed. It is very painful to read each one. People who believed that the vaccine was safe as the authorities said.

An example is Lone from Sokndal, who at the age of 29 has now had her life destroyed. She went from being an active and healthy outdoor girl to being thin, weak and so frail that she has to fight her way through every day. On 15th October 2021, she was given her second dose, Moderna, and her life turned completely upside down. Since then, she has not been able to work as a healthcare worker. It started the night after the vaccine with severe vomiting and diarrhea which eventually led to dehydration, nutritional deficiencies and major weight loss. Lone has been admitted to hospital several times to receive treatment for this and has had to resort to nutritional drinks to try to maintain a certain weight. She has also developed acute allergies and allergic shock.

Inger-Marie from Tysvær took her second dose, Pfizer, on 29th July last year. She suffered headaches, dizziness, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, feeling feverish, brain fog, internal tremors, lightheadedness, increased heart rate, tingling in the skin, weakness and body aches. Throughout the autumn of 2021, she was mostly bedridden. She had a hard time holding her head up and her legs failed her. She says: Being on sick leave for a year now, my "job" has been myself and my own health, it's the heaviest job I've ever had. No one can tell her anything about her future prognosis. It is tough. She dropped out of the Covax study because there were so many people who were worse off than her.
Veronica, aged 31 from Drammen, noticed changes in her period after the first dose. After the second dose it got worse and after the third dose the body went berserk, she says. Since September 2021, now for 15 months, Veronica has bled every day. Heavy and painful bleeding. She has gone from 5 pads a day to 22. Every day throughout the year. She says she’s in has pain and sometimes it hurts so much that she vomits. It is felt like labour contractions. Besides the bleeding, which can hardly be called menstruation anymore, she has developed severe allergic skin reactions.
Then we have those who have had blood clots in the brain, lungs and several other places in the body.

This was just a random sample of people who have contacted me after vaccine injuries and in no way represent the most serious cases. There are well over 60,000 other people in Norway who have their own stories to tell about vaccine injuries. There are many heartbreaking stories of previously healthy who in good faith participated in a national effort that was supposedly "safe and effective". They were deceived, because the covid vaccines were neither safe nor effective.
The people were told that the vaccines were supposed to prevent infection. They didn't. The people were told that the vaccines would prevent disease and death. They didn't. We are left with a number of serious side effects. At the same time, there are reports of high and inexplicable excess mortality throughout Europe, including in Norway after vaccination started.

3 months ago, one of Britain's most eminent and trusted cardiologists, a man of international renown, Dr Aseem Malhotra, published a peer-reviewed paper that concluded a complete ban on covid vaccination for all. Because the data is clear and robust that there are major injuries and few benefits. He describes the rollout of the Pfizer vaccine as perhaps the biggest disaster in medical research, destruction of public health, diminishing trust in public health services and an attack on democracy that we will ever witness in our lifetime. In these three months, there has not been a single counter-evidence in the scientific literature to Dr Malhotra's findings even though the paper has been widely disseminated and reached international news. One of the most important psychological barriers to the fact that the findings are not on the political agenda and in the major media channels is described as willful blindness. We humans do this to feel safe, reduce anxiety, avoid conflict or to defend position or reputation.

Don't let this stop us who are elected on behalf of the people.

Traditional vaccines supply the body with weakened or non-living bacteria and viruses so that the body can naturally form antibodies itself. These vaccines do not change the way the body's machinery works.

You don't have to be a scientist to have deep respect for the wonderful creation the body is. So many unimaginable systems that work together in a perfect harmony, we can only dream of understanding the workings of it.
The human body has been developed over millions of years and our human cells are designed to be protein factories for human proteins. This happens through instructions from the body's own mRNA, which is the recipe that the DNA needs to know which protein the cell should make.

mRNA and DNA vaccines are a new technology in medicine. It is based on injecting into the body a synthetic non-human mRNA, with a sequence of digital codes. In order for our cells not to repel the foreign mRNA, it must be camouflaged into a small fat bead called nanolipid. This fat bead is accepted by the cell's defense system and the mRNA is inside our cells. From there, the mRNA informs which protein the cell should produce. In this case the spike protein. Our human cells are thus tricked into becoming protein factories for non-human proteins.

Now studies show that the spike protein is found in large parts of the body after vaccination, even though it was declared that it would stay in the arm at the injection site.
For how long and which cells in the body that starts producing the spike protein, no one seems to be able to answer to. Nor how much damage it does to the body. Because it has never been tested on humans before. We are the great experiment.

mRNA technology is promoted as the major paradigm shift in medicine. Medicine will become digital. A large market has opened up. There are great expectations for earnings not only for the pharmaceutical industry, but also for the techno giants when digital codes become part of everyday life and people need them to participate in society. Then one can offer the same vaccine but with different mRNA coding. The products can also be given in tablet and spray form.

But how does a human body created over millions of years with its delicate system react when a Trojan horse suddenly invades the cell nucleus and overrides the cell's own protein production? Has anyone thought of that? Could it be that the body's fine system is thrown out of balance and cause various problems.

Do we accept digitalization of medicine without an ethical debate? Do people really know what they have become involved in?
Gene-based technology should have been considered as the gene therapy product that it is and approved accordingly and not as a vaccine.

Is it okay for the vaccine manufacturers themselves to carry out the studies? Should we leave the fox to watch the geese? Is our system designed for profit instead of health? The pharmaceutical companies' put the interests of their shareholders first and of course that means profit. And they have had that in spades lately.

The list of side effects from Pfizer are the same diagnoses we see growing rapidly in the population globally. But as long as doctors think that the vaccines are harmless and like other more traditional vaccines, they don’t make the connection and subsequently report injuries.

A court in the United States has ordered Pfizer to release the secret studies that were not published. These show that Pfizer knew how dangerous the vaccines were but kept it a secret.

In a hearing in the EU Parliament, Janine Small from Pfizer admits that they did not know whether the vaccine prevented transmission when rollout began. Nevertheless, it was this argument that was used by almost all the world's governments to get the population to take the vaccine. Pfizer research and development manager Kathrin Jansen just said: "We flew the plane while we were building it."

It may appear that authorities worldwide have been misled in the process of getting these vaccines to market.

Those who are left with the profit are the vaccine manufacturers.

Now we have real data to work with. They must be connected so that we see a bigger picture. That is what British Dr Aseem Malhotra has done in his paper which shows how much more dangerous mRNA vaccines are than traditional vaccines. Has also put a special focus on medical misinformation from the drug companies. He has presented his findings to representatives of the British Parliament, which has led to a political debate, and has agreed to do the same for representatives of the Norwegian Parliament.
It is easy to believe that all scientists agree when those who disagree are silenced in the public debate. Thousands of doctors and researchers worldwide have been concerned about the experimental vaccine strategy. They were quickly discredited, removed or ostracized from social platforms and mainstream media. This is now obvious through the publication of the internal processes of Twitter after Elon Musk has given independent journalists access to all the information.

What were we actually involved in?

A new religion arose. And it gained a global foothold at record speed. This in the wake of a fear of death that was installed in people all over the world. The new religion would save people from this fear. It would give people a free pass so that they didn't have to experience the pain. Completely safe and 95% effective was the promise. A globally coordinated media, together with authorities in league with globalists, ensured that the new religion was preached thoroughly and repeatedly. And since our perception of the world is largely shaped by what the media serves us people were converted, group by group, if not entirely voluntarily, then by bribery, coercion, bullying or even threats of losing both jobs, income and the right to health care in case of illness. You shall have no other gods but me, it said. If not, you are unclean. You will be ostracized. You are dangerous. You are evil. You should be locked up. You should not even be allowed to move around in society with the rest of us. Look, there goes one of "them," people said. It is a civic duty, said the Prime Minister. They are dangerous outcasts, said the Minister for Inclusion. But of course it was completely ‘voluntary’.

We live in a very strange time.

Congratulations to all of you who have managed to resist this forceful pressure. Who have managed to practice your own free will - against all odds. I know it has been hard to stand alone. Losing family and friends. And having to experience that doctors in the newspapers were allowed to advise people not to invite unvaccinated family members to the family's Christmas party.

What has happened has been a massive unprecedented assault on the most private thing we have - our own body.

To the rest of you who may not have seen everything the same way, it's never too late to look at things with new eyes. At least with openness and curiosity. In order to create a good society for the future, where we take care of each other as good fellow human beings, we need to build bridges of understanding and care.

The covid vaccination causes much more harm than it helps and must be stopped immediately. We do not have time to wait for more investigations and reports, which will take time.

It is the Norwegian Parliament, as the people's highest democratic body, which is responsible for making sure whether our authorities are doing their job well enough. It is time to involve the control committee.

I suggest that Rogaland County send a request to the Norwegian Parliament to start an open debate around covid-19 vaccine safety, with a full review of independent evidence-based data, in order to be able to make further responsible decisions on behalf of the population?

I hope the county council can support this. 

Thank you.

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