Informed Dissent - The Best Gift Ever - Lee and Christine Hicks

1 year ago

Episode 109 features Lee and Christine Hicks. They are the parents of Yulia Hicks who is the little 14 year old girl in NC who was denied a kidney transplant at Duke University Hospital because of her vaccine status.

Yulia, a Ukrainian rescued refugee, was adopted by Lee and Christine Hicks at a time when Yulia's condition was known. Her new parents knowingly took on this life-saving challenge and solicited a partnership with Duke University Hospital based on the trust built through community PR. For two years they walk out every step to insure Yulia would properly receive a transplanted kidney. Alas, Duke denied the final step citing vaccine status. Yulia's kidneys are in terminal failure and the risk of the injection is too high.

As Dr. Jeff Barke and Dr. Mark McDonald dive into this story you'll learn just how deep this Mass Delusional Psychosis goes in our nation and you'll learn how you can help Yulia. Listen and watch now to discover shore up your very own informed dissent.

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