Has the Spike Protein Apocalypse Begun?

11 months ago

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Anyone who has been to a hospital or doctor's office lately has likely had a very different experience than what they've had in the past. Even during the height of the Plandemic, corporate media had to manufacture stories of hospitals being overloaded; when citizen journalists went to investigate hospitals that were allegedly maxed out, they found empty waiting rooms and no lines for admission.

While doctors and nurses were making TikTok dance videos, surpluses of ventilators were sitting in storage rooms. The narrative of overloaded hospitals was false for the most part. There were some hospitals that experienced short surges which crippled them temporarily, but it was nothing compared to what we're seeing today.

With many if not most hospitals across the country experiencing sustained states of being over capacity, it's conspicuous that corporate media isn't touching the story. Only local news channels are even mentioning what appears to be a crisis that's only going to get worse as we get into the winter months. Conspiracy theorists have latched onto two possibilities. One theory is that various diseases are being released into the wild to sicken the nation. The other major theory is that the Covid-19 "vaccines" have weakened immune systems to the point that people who could have easily fought of diseases in the past are struggling today. These theories are not mutually exclusive.

I tend to lean toward that second theory. In fact, whether the first theory is true or not, I am nearly 100% certain that vaxx-induced decimation of people's immune system is contributing greatly to the surge in various ailments. Hospitals have been getting overloaded for months now, just as many "fringe" doctors had predicted. The timing is right following the mass vaccination campaigns of 2021 and the booster campaigns of 2022. Is the "Spike Protein Apocalypse" beginning?

Unfortunately, the phenomenon is affecting everyone, even the unvaccinated indirectly. Anecdotally, my family is in the process of recovering from strep throat acquired by my daughter from her vaccinated friends and spread to my wife and son. We were able to get a child's prescription for antibiotics but my teen would have had to wait to get hers. With bacterial infections needing antibiotics immediately in order to mitigate damage, we had to break into my Jase Case to treat her. This annoyed me because I wanted to keep it untouched so I'd have it if the pharmaceutical supply chain broke down (which it appears to be doing now), but we have to do what we have to do. I can order another one soon... for now.

If the Covid jabs cause vaccine-induced immunodeficiencies, then what we are seeing today is happening right on cue. As bad as that news is, we are very likely seeing only the beginning stages of this "Spike Protein Apocalypse," which means that 2023 could be devastating to our pharmaceutical supply chain. Considering the Chinese Communist Party controls 90% of the ingredients used in American pharmaceuticals, it behooves us all to stock up on whatever drugs we use today or may need tomorrow.

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