Fetal DEMISE, Exponential Rise! PostPartum RN Blows Whistle on Shocking Internal Data & Baby Deaths

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Every Pregnant Woman or Future Parent MUST See this! DeAnna Lorraine is joined by "Died Suddenly" world-renowned OBGYN, Dr. James Thorp, and a California-based Postpartum Nurse, Michelle Gershman RN, who is blowing the whistle on the exponential rise in FETAL DEMISE and deformities of jabbed pregnant women. Nurse Michelle reveals shocking things she's been witnessing behind the scenes at her hospitals, in the explosion of babies in the NICU, and private internal emails that truly is the SMOKING GUN as proof that they are aware of the exponential rise in fetal deaths and late-term miscarriages, it is absolutely happening everywhere, and they are actively trying to hide it. They "Medical Industrial Complex" and MSM are trying to censor this stunning data at all costs so share this video before it gets taken down! Must-watch and share interview.

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