My Dinner With Andre (1981) – Self-Perpetuating Unconscious Brainwashing Created by A World Totalitarian Government

11 months ago

“Okay. Yes. We’re Bored Now. We’re All Bored. But Has It Ever Occurred to You, Wally, That the Process Which Creates This Boredom That We See in The World Now May Very Well Be a Self-Perpetuating Unconscious Form of Brainwashing Created by A World Totalitarian Government Based on Money? And That All of This Is Much More Dangerous Than One Thinks? And That It’s Not Just a Question of Individual Survival, Wally, But That Somebody Who’s Bored Is Asleep? And Somebody Who’s Asleep Will Not Say No?”


Released on Oct. 11, 1981, this seminal art-house flick invited us to eavesdrop on 110-minutes of dialogue between two people who deliver hot takes and profundities that nobody asked for. And yet, “My Dinner With André” is just as fresh 40 years later.

Directed by Louis Malle and written by the then little-known Wallace Shawn and André Gregory, playing themselves, the two-hander cooked up a singular premise — a conversation cherry-picked from fragments of years of taped discussions between the two, meticulously rehearsed and deftly framed — that never leaves the dining table.



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1984, by George Orwell

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