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UFO Story, Part of The Great Delusion

Being in Ministry, It is my job to warn people and pray they understand

Sharing some links for you to read, know and research more

My Uncle in Pascagoula MS knew the men, they fished together and he said you could believe what they said. He was also in the back yard with his best friend when they say this go over, it looked like a red star.
What you see and hear today in this kind of story is that the great dillusion will consist of such and please read scripture to understand,
We are seeing a new cult these days in this UFO area, I do believe that other worlds are out there and may have life, I also believe that the demons will be in this form to confuse people and scare them and change belief from Christ to them. Learn all you can.

suggest following, you can find on Rumble also

SkyWatchTV https://rumble.com/c/SkyWatchTV

L.A. Marzullie https://rumble.com/c/TheLamarzulli

SuperNatural Junkie https://rumble.com/user/SupernaturalJunkies

Timothy Alberino on YT https://www.youtube.com/@TimothyAlberinoTV/featured


Jonathan Cahn, our prophet for today https://rumble.com/v1jf78b-jonathan-cahn-the-return-of-the-gods.html

I shared my testimony on my channel before related to UFO

The Father tells us to ask for wisdom, so many fell for the jab and now we are seing the results in people dieing, heart attacks, losing babies and so much more. Please be wise in this end times and do not fall for what the world offers and that will be the mark that will keep you out of heaven as a believer.
My Dr. has a great podcast and also on Rumble as supernatural junkies. Look him up, subscribe and keep up, see the book he wrote related to the body and covid...he is warning and sharing. I have lost family and friends and I will continue to warn also.

you can put prayer requests on www.ReachTheMasses.org and I can also help you accept Christ and salvation and tell you what to do next.

Thank you for following and keep praying in this end times.

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