NIGHT SHADOWS 12142022 -- THY WILL BE DONE. Judgment This Way Comes as TRUTH is not Allowed

WW3 is right under our noses, and remember Putin said he could not stop it because there is an invisible hand moving the world to its conclusion - the destruction of our world civilization to bring in a whole new era. People forget the GOD FACTOR and it is HIS WILL that will be done on this Earth, just as the Lord's prayer says. Then we have a NEW WAVE of  fear concerning a new "variant" that is much more deadly that CV-19, a cover story for the massive die-off because of the Jab. The WEF and UN are making their move now to install their GREAT RESET as Earth Changes abound. Judgment this way comes as the world is in total denial and real truth is not wanted, and so it goes...

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