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Pfizer Post-Authorization Data**: 3% of Reported Adverse Events Cases Died -Dr Shoemaker

**CORRECTION: RSV is NOT a reported adverse event (AE) but rather an AE of special interest, that is, a potential side effect that Pfizer is monitoring. We'll soon interview Josh Guetzkow, Prof of Criminology who analyzed the Pfizer documents, to clarify this and other AE claims.

Dr. Chris Shoemaker, MD, says Pfizer's post-authorization surveillance data for its (BNT162B2) Covid-19 "vaccine" revealed a 3% death rate from the 42,086 AE case reports and that respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), seeing a surge in pediatric cases, is a listed adverse event.

The Pfizer document reported AEs from Dec 1, 2020 to Feb 28, 2021, showing 158,893 AEs. A staggering 1,223 people of the 42,086 reported died.

The FDA initially said that it would release Pfizer's 59,000+ pages of documents over 75 years, after giving emergency authorization in less than 1 year.

LINK TO PFIZER DOCUMENT: www.brightlightnews.com/interview-pfizer-post-authorization-data-vaccinated-deaths-rsv-dr-chris-shoemaker/

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