You can only give what you have received from Me before ❤️ The Great Gospel of John thru Jakob Lorber

1 year ago

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You can only give what you have received from Me before

THE GREAT GOSPEL OF JOHN – Volume 10, Chapter 43 & 44
Revealed from the Lord thru the Inner Word to Jakob Lorber

Veronica’s morning meal

1. We went to the dining room where the daughter of the captain came to kindly meet Me. She thanked Me for the mercy of being worthy to see Me once again, and to serve the food that she had prepared for Me.

2. I commended her and sat down at the table. The daughter set a golden platter before me with a few incredibly well prepared fish, some white wheat bread, as well as a golden cup filled with wine. For the others, an entire roasted calve was served on several platters.

3. In accordance with Roman custom, cooked beef with a well seasoned broth was served for the captain, his subordinates, and his wife and daughter. The morning meal was tremendously to everyone’s liking, and they did not spare any wine and bread.

4. Veronica asked Me if I enjoyed the fish that she had prepared.

5. I said: “Take a look at the platter, did I leave any of it? Every food that is offered to me in love tastes good to Me. You prepared these most noble fish from the Lake of Galilee with the fire of your love, and that is why they tasted incredible to Me.

6. Even though I do not require to receive food for My body from you people, I nevertheless accept it, out of love for them. For they cannot give Me anything that they did receive from me beforehand. But when they, out of true love, give back what they previously received from me, I will accept it with all love and a joyful heart, as if they had given it to Me out of their own pocket.

7. This is also the case when you, out of love for me, give something to a poor person, for when someone does something out of true love for Me and his fellow man in need, I accept it wholly, as if he had done it for me personally, and I will reward him for it here, as well as in the beyond.

8. Remember well these words of Mine, and act accordingly, for then you can always expect My full love. However, you enjoy eating these fish too. Why did you not prepare a few for yourself as well today?”

9. Somewhat shy, Veronica said: “Yes, Lord and Master, I would have done that, but there were no more left in our fish tanks. And even those 4 that You received must have come there through a miracle, because our servant who takes care of the food told me so when I asked him for the fish. He thought that there were no more fish left at all, but when he went to take a look anyway and saw the fish within the tank, he said: ‘Truly, this is a miracle! For a couple of months already no fish could be seen or discovered therein.’ And I believe our servant, for have I never caught him lying. So, these fish really are a miracle, and as such, I truly have only given You what You have given me beforehand, O Lord.”

10. I said: “My dear Veronica, the way you see it may have been partially the case, for they truly are My gift, even though it was not as miraculous as you think. Your fish tanks are quite old already, and they possess many corners in which the fish can easily hide for a long time, only to then appear at a certain moment. This was the case with your fish as well. However, the fact that they were hidden until today, and that no one could find them, that was My will.

11. Now, since you are quite fond of these fish, send a servant to your fish tanks to fetch some, for there will certainly still be a few left. And once some have been found, prepare them for our midday meal. We all will have enough.”

The significance of the Lord’s teaching in relation to His deeds

1. When Veronica, the captain, his wife and his subordinates heard what I said, they quickly went to the fish tanks without wasting another second. The tanks were located near a spring on the the innkeeper’s land. The captain had rented the tanks, since the innkeeper never had any fish in stock anyway – and once they arrived, they found all the tanks filled with the most noble fish.

2. Amazed at what they found, they all quickly returned and said: “O Lord and Master in Your Spirit since eternity, this is a real miracle, and we all see very clearly now that no one on Earth can give You anything which he did not receive from You beforehand. Thank You for this gift, as well as for every other one, for You alone are the most wonderful and eternal Giver of all gifts. And we, the all too often ungrateful people of this earth, are the ones that receive it all. Therefore, to You alone we give thanks, glory, praise and all our love.”

3. I said: “Well now, although this is good and just, do not cause a sensation before the people.”

4. The captain said: “Lord, we will never do anything that goes against Your will, but allow me to write a clandestine letter about this to my friends in Rome, because these things should not remain hidden before the more intelligent men that I know.”

5. I said: “Friend, Rome has already been taken care of, and your friend Agricola, as well as several of his companions, know Me much better than you do now. However, you may take care of this community that I entrusted to you, in My name, then My reward for you will not fail.

6. Nevertheless, do not talk too much about the signs that I have performed, but all the more about My teaching, through which all people are called to the eternal life in My Kingdom. Nobody will be blissful through My miracles alone, but only if he believes in Me and lives and acts according to My teaching.

7. One can be forced to believe in me through My signs, of course – although that is not very useful to his soul – but the one who recognizes Me by My words, who believes in Me and lives and acts according to My teaching, out of his free will, without being coerced, he stands much higher in My Kingdom than the one who was forced to believe in Me and My teaching, through My signs. Remember this well and do not make a big sensation of My signs.

8. The one in whom the spirit of truth is dominant, will also recognize the truth of My words, without any outer sign. He will be totally free, and in that truth he will reject everything that binds him.

9. My teaching will remain and never pass away throughout eternity, but all the signs that I have performed, and will still perform, will, in the course of time, be preserved from one mouth to another, as any other historical story would. However, many changes and falsifications will take place, and later down the line, hardly any, if not none of the enlightened people will believe any of it. But through the pure truth of My teaching, the people will easily become aware of who the One was who bestowed that truth upon humanity. So, do not make too big a deal of My deeds, except those of My love.”

10. This had a good effect on the Romans, who usually thought highly of signs and miracles. But through this lesson of Mine they came to see things in a better light.

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