Hatred (Wolyn)

11 months ago

A movie which shows the hatred from Ukrianians towards Poles and Jews. Many Ukrianians were the helpers of SS battalions in WWII killing Jews and Poles. Nazi collaborator Stephan Bandera is the hero of modern Ukraine, a full out Nazi how was hiding in Munich, Germany after WWII, his statue is in Kiev and worshipped!
The year is 1939, just before the outbreak of World War II in a small village in Volhynia inhabited by Ukrainians, Poles and Jews.
Zoysia Glowacka, a young Polish girl falls in love with a young Ukrainian boy named Petro from the same village. Nevertheless, her parents marry her off to a much older Polish widower who is also a village administrator, Maciej Skiba.
Once the war begins, Maciej is recruited into the Polish army to fight against the Germans.
When the campaign is lost, Maciej and other survivors travel home, only to be captured by the local Ukrainians, tortured and killed.
Meanwhile, alone and pregnant, Zozia is forced to flee the overtaken village to save herself and her children's lives.

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