9 Truth Bombs We Need to Share to Help "Normies" See the Light About the Dangerous "Vaccines"

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Every day, more Americans are waking up to the fact that the Covid-19 "vaccines" are neither safe nor effective. As data becomes more readily available (though still not nearly available enough to the public), it is becoming blatantly clear that everything we've been told about the jabs by official sources has been wrong at best and intentionally misleading at worst.

But there's still more work to be done. Even today in the face of mountains of evidence that the jabs make people MORE susceptible to Covid-19, the two main proxies of Big Pharma — government and corporate media — continue promoting a perpetual regimen of boosters. In spite of increasingly common examples of young and otherwise healthy people collapsing and dying, the powers-that-be keep saying the jabs are safe. Far too many Americans are still buying into this notion.

During a recent panel discussion held by Senator Ron Johnson, doctors, experts, and victims told their stories about Covid-19 and the "vaccines" that are being pushed today. It was long. While I was enthralled the whole way through, I found my wife moving on to other tasks. I noticed some of the comments said it was "tedious" to watch. I get it.

That's why on today's episode of The JD Rucker Show I did a breakdown of some of the key points. I did so without filter. Many of these brave men and women still need to be careful about what they say and how it may tarnish their reputation if they go "too far" into the conspiratorial side. I have no concerns, therefore I can say, for example, that all the evidence points to the jabs being part of a depopulation and control agenda initiated by the globalist elite cabal. As much as I appreciate Senator Johnson's courageous push to buck the system, even he cannot go as far as is necessary to really bring the truth to light.

There's another reason I did this show instead of simply replaying the entirety of the panel discussion. The primary focus of the panel is to change policies by government and practices by Big Pharma. I understand that strategy, but I also believe it is not the lowest hanging fruit. When we consider just how crystal clear the lack of efficacy is and the undeniable dangers associated with the jabs, we can safely assume that if the powers-that-be were going to back away from them, they would have done so already. There is ample reason to be fearful for the people. The fact that they're doubling-down instead of backing down tells us they are incentivized to keep Pandemic Panic Theater going for as long as possible.

Rather than trying to change policies, the goal of today's show and this article is to take the information they revealed during the panel discussion and cater it to educate those who are starting to ask questions. There are still plenty of full-blown, indoctrinated vaxx-nannies out there who will never accept that the jabs are bad. But as I noted earlier, there are also many people who are allowing themselves to wake up, even if only a little. We need to get the truth to these people who are on the verge of having their hearts and minds changed regarding the jabs. By preventing as many people as possible from getting jabbed even more, we can hopefully preserve life and bring forth allies who will be less beholden to the powers-that-be when the crap really starts hitting the fan.

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