Statement by Cole & Sam - 9th Dec 2022

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1 year ago

Statement by Cole & Sam.
Baby Will is stable.
The operation took over half a day.

Starship offered a family room initially for them both to be near Baby Will.
That offer was subsequently withdrawn.
They have had to make their own arrangements.

Dad, Cole, is with Baby Will through the night tonight so mum Sam can sleep. She still has two children to feed and the stress of last night took a huge toll on that ability.

She needs all our love and care to replenish and heal.

She was not allowed to sleep at all last night, if she wanted to stay on the other side of the pre-op room, with Baby Will.

She was not allowed to hug him before this big operation.
We and all New Zealanders need to ask this government and Starship Hospital: WHY?

To support the Savage-Reeves family (plus the huge stress of this situation) go to: (includes direct donation details to the Savage-Reeves family)

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