5 months ago

Round two of the outrage at CA Elementary School’s “Holiday Festival Shot Clinic"

CALL TO ACTION: Mrs. Gena Buchanan Principal of El Capitan Elementary hosted a "Holiday Festival Shot Clinic" that happened TODAY.

If you are in opposition to this, contact the school at 209-656-2030 or email barbara@delhiusd.org

Let them know that this is a terrible overreach of medical freedom and parental rights. Remind them that they are endangering the lives of children. No one is operating under informed consent and they are asking kids to engage in a dangerous medical decision that could permanently change their life.

If you want to send the school MORE data on the impact of these decisions, send them the Senator Ron Johnson hearing from YESTERDAY! You can find the Rumble link in our bio.

Thank you Nicole for joining us, please follow her work at @factslawtruthjustice2 @factslawtruthjustice

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