Distressing Footage Shows Medical Kidnapping of Baby Will

"These brainwashed, soul-less goons dressed as police undertaking the orders of their Eugenicist overlords are just the beginning.

This society has no heart, no soul, no humanity left in them.

I interviewed Will’s parents yesterday. They are good people. They are kind, and gracious, and honest people. They just want what is best for their child, as any parent would.

For these “men” dressed as police willing to do the bidding of the Ardern/Schwab murderous regime - I hope what they have done keeps them up at night. I hope the cries of Will’s mother keep them awake every night, violating their conscience for the rest of their days until they finally repent for what they have done.

And if not, they will burn one day for eternity. Let it be known. They will pay in Hell.

Damn it, this is so wrong."

— Zeee Media

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