Situation Update, 12/08/22 - China buying up the world's GOLD supply in preparation...

1 year ago

Situation Update, 12/08/22 - China buying up the world's GOLD supply in preparation...

0:00 Intro
1:20 Headline of the Day
17:40 Breaking News
32:10 Carvana Co
54:55 Dr. Catie Wyman Norris

- Theranos COO sentenced to 13 years, after Elizabeth Holmes gets 11
- Why isn't Sam Bankman-Fried yet arrested and charged with fraud?
- Carvana shares collapse, billions in unsecured debt may vanish
- Car prices are about to collapse as consumers run out of money
- China confirms it bought 300 TONS of gold in 3rd quarter
- China preparing for global currency reset and launching gold-backed reserve currency
- When the reset occurs, dollars will plunge toward worthlessness
- The masses will be taken completely by surprise and have no backup plan
- World's wealthy (and central banks) are amassing PHYSICAL assets to get through
- One day, gold and silver can be traded in for a new currency backed by metals
- Details on a new documentary series being launched by Brighteon
- Interview with Dr. Catie Wyman-Norris from Catie's Organics

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