Scott Schara on Hegelian MindWar: More to Consider?

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1 year ago

This should give you insight into why I was critical of Censorship from the Stew Crew Network. Are you aware of how deception works? Are you immune just because you think you know? Do you know the best manipulators are guised as Trusted Sources in the Freedom movement? Tiny Lies are still lies. Distractions are still the circus, and pull you off course from the objective. We Talk with Scott Schara, Creator of the podcast and Rumble channel Deprogramming with Grace's Dad. You can find out all about Grace here:
Today was the 81st Anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Franklin Roosevelt ordered ships from San Diego to Pearl Harbor prior to the attack, and ordered the planes at Pearl to be pushed closely together. The goal of our president was maximum destruction of a US military base and equipment. Lives be damned. He manipulated the frightened, grieving, an angry for the political goal of acceptance of war declaration. Those newly inspired with a sense of patriotism, a sense of being wronged, didn't go after FDR and hold him or Congress accountable. Instead they pledged their lives for his war. Mind Manipulation. The country cast aside their differences and were galvanized under the sense of duty, honor, and justice. It was a historical, unique event... Until the next one. On September 11th, 2001 the nation was again attacked from within using a proxy [perhaps]. In allegiance with the City of London and the state of Israel, infiltrators at the highest level had again inflicted tragedy to galvanize the many into support of another war, and the adoption of the Creator Endowed Rights killing Patriot Act. Which was named after who it targets. Americans. We are living in a surveillance and police state. Just get out of line, and it will reveal itself.

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