AustraliaOne Party - Capt Kyle interview with Riccardo Bosi

1 year ago

7 December 2022

Capt Kyle Patriots voice chat with Riccardo Bosi, National Leader of AustraliaOne.

1. Riccardo intro and background (0:00)
2. US Constitution, US forefathers and free sovereign nations (4:49)
3. The illusion of freedom, Constitutional Convention and a true sovereign people (7:40)
4. Full disclosures – bringing the entire world together (11:06)
5. The US 1st and 2nd amendments (16:26)
6. The ‘Art of War’ and ‘Game Theory’ – allowing the enemy to destroy themselves (19:01)
7. Making the best of what you are working on – DJT (25:10)
8. Remembering who we truly are (28:08)
9. Secret societies and the illusion of choice – revelation of truth (30:44)
10. ADF ‘counter-terrorism exercises’ and the US National Guard (36:32)
11. Brazilian people AWAKE! Pushing the alliance forward – Military placement (41:33)
12. We are all one – standing for sovereignty. Reformation with love and compassion for all (47:41)
13. Walking your knowledge into wisdom – our true purpose vs the intended 16 year plan (1:00:00)
14. True leadership – leaders can’t just look away (1:06:00)
15. Lead from the front by example – social proof. Men – step up (1:14:52)
16. The greatest time to be alive - a beautiful free future. Living prepared (1:20:37)
17. Our common experience – we are all in the same storm (1:28:01)
18. Decisions coming to cause arrest, change of leadership and direction? (1:33:25)
• Possible options for Australia
19. Will a trumpet sound for the entire world to hear? If so, then what? (1:41:15)
20. Is the banking system, worldwide, in WhiteHat control? The implosion (1:43:09)
• The fraud of ‘inflation’
21. Any thoughts on NY courts finding Trump Corp guilty of tax fraud? (1:49:12)
22. Are they waiting on us to revolt? (1:53:24)
• Military
• DUMBS and floods
• Earthquakes and tunnels
23. Was flooding utilised to flood out some of the Australian tunnels also? (1:57:01)
• Chemtrails
• Processing plant fires
• Eliminating the contamination
24. Fire-fighter strikes grounding flights. Will the US see similar? (2:01:36)
25. What’s happening with the Military and Air-Marshall’s in NZ and Aust? (2:03:49)
26. Pine Gap – the most secretive part of our planet, next to Antarctica (2:08:27)
• The Australian people will be shocked – the fine line of soft disclosure
27. Capital punishment – crimes that forfeit one’s place in society (2:21:41)
• Restoring consequence for actions
28. Message to our youth – write down everything you see, hear and feel (2:25:28)
• Keeping the truth alive
• The people must remember so history doesn’t repeat
29. Earthquake magnitude is higher – is new weapon being used? Is infrastructure gone? (2:30:08)
30. How long will the food shortages be for? (2:31:45)
31. Are foetal cells still in our food/drinks? Why is McDonalds still open? (2:36:23)
32. Australia is lawless - Common Law groups and 2024 Constitutional Convention (2:38:04)
33. The US Act of 1871, career politicians and recall elections (2:47:23)
• Preferential voting
• ‘No Suitable Candidate’ box on ballots
• Taking back the reigns of your future
• Birthing of our NEW Nation
• ‘Do No harm’ and ‘Love Thy neighbour’
34. Religious liberty – the A1 take on religious freedom (2:54:49)
35. Criminal gangs and the ‘war on drugs’ in Australia (2:57:46)
36. Why is the bank trying to take my home? (3:01:56)
37. Did Trump choose to be re-elected rather than reinstated? (3:09:51)
38. The ‘Law of War Manual (2016)’ link to Q drops (3:16:26)
39. Maintain an attitude of gratitude – we all have our own war (3:18:06)
• Learning who we truly are and what we are made of
• Let go of the bad to pick up the good, let go of the good to pick up the great
• We are preparing for what is to come

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