GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Gerald Celente: Gold is number one, safe-haven asset, Inflation is skyrocketing...

1 year ago

Founder of The Trends Journal, Mr. Gerald Celente
is concerned by geopolitical conditions in the Ukraine crisis.

2:00 - The showdown between NATO and Russia quickly spiral out of control.
3.55 - "My greatest concern - they take us to war."
4:40 - "For me, gold is the number one, safe-haven asset."
5.50 - "They don't want gold to go up, because it shows how bad (economic conditions) are."
10:45 - "Inflation is skyrocketing and it's not going down...."
13.55 - Due to massive national debt levels, "There's going to be a collapse."
17:19 - Scion Capital Hedge fund legend, Michael Burry's latest investment theme - plan for domestic civil-unrest.

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