2 months ago

A response to Sony fanboys

Sony fans were not happy with my God of War Ragnarok review. My video was dislike bombed to oblivion. So, you would think that the comments would have some rebuttals to my points (It's a movie game, characters and plot are awful, it's woke, etc.), right? Well, you might be surprised.

#godofwar #godofwarragnarok #syntheticman

0:00 Intro
1:17 "Berserkers are all Optional"
3:19 "If Kratos Kills Odin, Aesir Gods would Kill Atreus"
6:39 "Kratos Rejected Peace because Odin is a Liar"
10:50 "Kratos Losing his Equipment is Explained In-game"
12:43 "Freya Couldn't Attack Kratos because of the Protection Ward"
13:40 Minor Factual Inaccuracy Corrections (That don't Even Counter My Points LOL)
20:33 ZeroNeedsCoffee Response
38:06 Conclusion

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