How to save America - Reinhabited Republic

1 year ago

Short simple history of how our Republic was hijacked and replaced by a corporation. And how a group of dedicated patriots "re-inhabited" the abandoned Republic. See the links below for the documents mentioned in the video:

Join the Republic:

Dunn and Bradstreet, Government of the United States corporation:

28 USC 3002 (The United States is a federal corporation)

Rules for state secession, US Supreme Court: Texas v. White 1869

Secession and Civil War:

Lincoln's proclamation 22 Sep 1862 (reference to "Executive Government"):

Lincoln's proclamation 1 Jan 1863 (reference to "Executive Government"):

14th Amendment, section 1, putting US citizenship above state citizenship:

Dunn and Bradstreet, State of Colorado corporation:

Forming a government for US/District of Columbia in 1871 (in violation of Constitution):

Summary of the US corporation:

Missing 13th Amendment (including a photograph):

The Creature from Jekyll Island (G. Edward Griffin):

Federal Reserve bill 1913:

16th Amendment (allowing income tax on corporations):

Dept of Treasury organizational chart:

Social Security is unconstitutional:

Northwest Ordinance of 1787:

Join the Republic:

State National status:

"Re-inhabited" Vol 1 and 2, by Jean and David Hertler:

Reading of Republic's Declaration of Sovereign Intent and Proclamation of Claim and Interest:

Doctrine of Lesser Magistrates:

NESARA and GESARA (history of the concepts, not sure if all is true)

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