Will We Be Ready When Real Religious Persecution Comes to America?

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In recent weeks I've received both compliments and criticism for voicing my faith on both my websites and my show. That was never the intention; I didn't realize there had been an increase in references to Bible-believing Christianity but judging by comments I guess it happened naturally.

Some of the comments say I'm excluding people of other religions such as Jews who can and should be allies on the political front, not to mention cousins within the Judeo-Christian family of faiths. My reply is consistent when I say I can be friends and have allies of any faith, but expression of my personal faith is not meant to exclude. On the contrary, my hope is that doing so will attract others to read the whole Bible and accept its truths while also keeping those within the faith focused on embodying those truths.

It's within that second hope that Pastor Cary Gordon was able to express his feelings on today's episode of The JD Rucker Show. All too often I get too deep into the political and cultural aspects of life in America. I don't spend nearly enough time discussing the degradation of faith in America from both outside the church as well as within. Pastor Gordon has spent a good deal of time on the latter by exposing the challenges we're facing as an evangelical movement. The "liberal" church continues to grow and with that growth comes a spreading degradation of the United States of America itself.

His recent documentary, Enemies Within: The Church, exposes the tremendous threat we face as a religion and as a nation. While many are busy fighting atheists and other religious groups for influence in America and abroad, Pastor Gordon highlights the fight within the walls of churches across the nation. Whether one is a Christian or not, those who believe in conservative values likely appreciate the risks posed by a church that is growing increasingly "woke."

His movie: https://enemieswithinthechurch.com/
Christian Precious Metals Company: https://jdrucker.com/metals

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