12-1-22 Leave Us and Our Kids Alone! [Prophecy Update]

1 year ago

With the ever increasing evil in our would, evils view of reality is that good and evil don’t exist---it’s just about power and wielding that power over others. And in evil’s quest for power, it must tyrannically enslave others to them. This is done by creating their system of power that will enslave human beings and use human beings to increase their power. Those humans who are not useful and destined for depopulation. We see this with the one world government the global elites are setting up like Klaus Schwab, the destruction of economies around the world so that a digital currency can be set up to enslave us. We even see it when they attempt to strip humans of the quality of being made in the image of God by perceiving humans has utilitarian and useless (bricks in the tower of Babylon) and stripping the person of their biological identities that God created them to be, (dehumanizing them—making them animals) so that they can shape and create humans into their evil ideology image of the elites telling humans what image they should take on. In fact, the idea of feminizing men is so that you will not opposition to the tyranny and makes it easier to enslave people. Eventually going so far as to deconstruct sexuality and using sexuality in a perverted way to enslave people to their system of unnatural sexuality such as enslaving people to be gay or lesbian, transgender and even promoting child molestation via pedophilia. And with the advent of this pedophilia being promoted now as normal, which will harm the lives of innocent children, well it is time that we as Christians take our stand against this tyranny of evil. To take our stand against the enslavement that is coming to all of us. To say…no further. Enough is enough. We won’t allow you to enslave us and our children. On our broadcast, we are going to discuss the agenda to enslave us and our kids by looking at the recent scam of Balenciaga, what’s happening in China and what’s happening with the introduction of a digital currency.

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