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Return of the primitive | Salim Mansur

Actions by Leftists over the years can only lead one to conclude that they are members of a death cult.

Attempts to describe the Left have generally been in economic terms: socialist, fascist, communist, Fabian, etc., but if we go back to 1969 we discover that one philosopher, Ayn Rand, described the Left in a way that stands to this day as accurate and even prophetic.

In her book The New Left: The Anti-Industrial Revolution, which was re-released as Return of the Primitive we find an essay that compared the Left to the Greek god Dionysus—the god of insanity, frenzy, and drunkenness and the Right with the god Apollo the "averter of evil," the god of light, truth, education, and reason.

Rand uses two events of that year, the launch of Apollo 11 and the music festival near Woodstock, to startlingly juxtapose those two elements in society which seem forever at odds with each other—man’s lofty rational nature and his baser bestial nature.

Salim Mansur joins Robert Vaughan to discuss Rand’s insight into the fundamental nature of man and, in particular, the insanity of the Left.

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