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SF police killer robots to carry explosives, shout "Allahu Akbar" before detonating | HPH #149

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The Habibi Bros. are back after a monthlong hibernation period, where they've emerged from their cave to discover a world that has changed... forever.

The killer robots in San Francisco have converted to Islam and now carry explosives instead of guns. Elon Musk overhauls Twitter. The World Cup is happening. Iran and China are in the midst of revolutions. FTX stole all your money and gave it to Ukraine and the DNC. Oh, and Balenciaga is doing some shady stuff involving the little tykes and by Allah, there is no alternative but to resort to the woodchipper. It's everything that makes you want to drink on Habibi Power Hour.

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The Habibi Bros. is a collective of Siraj Hashmi & Mujahed Kobbe, who host "Habibi Power Hour," an irreverent political podcast for the independent-minded where speaking truth is essentially 100% the goal.

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