Marriage Equality Act is a Pretty Name for an Evil Bill

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1 year ago

We are not a monarchy, we are a republic. Positions are not transferable. The people need to decide.

The Oath Keepers were charged with sedition.

And Trump broke bread with Fuentes and Kanye. They have found every republican possible to denounce Trump. Trump says he is running.

Senate passes bill to protect same sex and interracial marriage. As you can see it is 61-36.

SD governor bans TikTok. State agencies forbidden from using China owned social media platforms over the growing national security threat. If you are a government employee and have a government phone you can not have it on your phone or view it on your phone.

On the face value it sounds good. It looks as though it is bipartisan legislation. Now Samuel Alito’s opinion was leaked out of Dobbs' opinion. There was a period of time when the opinion was leaked, the media ran with it and it was decided that that would be the opinion that would be released. Now with an election looming, why didn’t they codify Roe v Wade. They didn’t do anything on the floor along the lines with abortion. Now to codify same sex marriage and interracial marriage. So what they are saying that people were fearful of not being recognized across state lines that their marriage would not be recognized. Why didn’t they codify Roe v Wade? Why didn’t they protect women's reproductive rights? Why didn’t this bill be a trifecta? Couldn’t they not get the 61? Or could it be that they never intended too? Was it all a lie to make sure that abortion was on the ballot? Democrats will never do anything with abortion because it a gift that keeps on giving. Here is the biggie, this is where it is unbelievable that we aren’t hearing the outrage from the State governors, state senators, representatives, lt governors, attorney generals. You see if you are married in another state that is ok with the marriage this bill requires the other state to recognize the marriage rights. Once Joe Biden signs this, if we don’t see Governors and Attorney Generals come out to say they cannot mask this bill under a headline “Marriage Equality Act” or any other pretty little title. The truth is “required a state to recognize the laws of another state” This opens the door for a long list of things. If a governor or AG comes out the media will attack them. Wonder if constitutional carry that is recognized in GA will be required to be recognized in another state? This kind of legislation opens doors to other issues. The federal government forces your state to accept the laws and rules of another state.

The other side of this. Religious leaders, you have a problem here. You need to read paragraph and last 2 pages. Traditional marriage is between a man and a woman, it needs to be protected.

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