2 months ago

Oath Keepers Convicted of Seditious Conspiracy | Ep. 232

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The gay marriage bill officially passes the Senate, and despite what Pete Buttigeig would have you think, the implications of this have almost nothing to do with same-sex attraction. And in an effort to untangle corruption targeted at conservatives, Liz breaks down the Oath Keepers trial and what the "seditious conspiracy" conviction means. Plus, this is the weirdest story ever… surprise, surprise… involving Biden’s non-binary energy official. This is The Liz Wheeler Show.
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00:00 - Welcome to The Liz Wheeler Show
03:30 - Musk’s top priority on Twitter
06:20 - Senate passes gay marriage bill
11:40 - Sam Brinton arrested for stealing
24:16 - Oath Keepers accused of conspiracy
34:00 - Twitter’s censorship data about COVID

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