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Juan O Savin Supreme Court Big Change? Bronson v. Adams! with Gerry Foley Gideon's Army

Juan O Savin shares how the Supreme Court has chosen to hear a petition Bronson v. Adams - against the Congress for failing to protect the American people & uphold our Constitution. This Could Change Everything!!!! Please Pray for God's Will to be done in our Highest Court! with Gerry Foley of Gideon's Army & Jodi LoDolce WarriorsRise!

Could Petition Bronson v. Adams, which is being heard by the Supreme Court, bring down the whole corrupt congress!!?? Could this be the time America has been hoping for?? The God Moment, our Red Sea Moment? It's Time for us all to Pray in One Voice, in Full Agreement for Our Country!

Writ of CERTIORARI (Request to the Supreme Court)

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Jodi LoDolce
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