5 months ago

Feisal Mansoor: Valuing Work in the 21st Century

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Speaking at General Assembly Meeting #67 on Monday, November 28 was Feisal Mansoor, who gave a thorough presentation on valuing work in the 21st century.

Feisal was a burnt-out Systems Analyst and programmer who resolved never to work for money again, while at the same time beginning a study of money and how it is created and disbursed.

Since 1999, Feisal has been practicing Regenerative Agriculture on a 42-acre Coconut plantation, restoring Mahasammata in Sri Lanka according to sustainable principles.

He is a founder of Saradiel—a movement that sees traditional fishers and farmers as the backbone of cultural life, its religious beliefs, festivals and customs. Feisal Mansoor believes that a new paradigm for humanity is upon us.

Watch the full meeting:

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