The Week the Earth Stood Still: 02.19.2019 [Banned by YouTube]: November 29, 2022

1 year ago

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Something quite amazing happened on the Earth from May 27, 2018, to June 02, 2018 that has not happened before nor since. Our planet passed through a full 7-day USGS reporting period (Saturday night at midnight to Saturday night at midnight UTC) with only one earthquake of 5-magnitude or greater. A gigantic Superplume that formed in the Earth Mantle Transition Zone, between Indonesia and Fiji, pushed below Hawaii in the first week of May, 2018, when Kilauea stopped erupting.
The mantle plume-hotspot connecting the D-Layer of Earth Core to the Hawaiian Islands became connected to the massive Superplume that cause the formation to expand over the following 5-week period. All the Superplume horn formations were raised simultaneously to become stuck in the raised position. Harmonic tremor activity could not raise the Superplume horn formations to trigger 5+magnitude earthquake events for more than a week. The weekly 2.5-to-4-magnitude earthquake event totals that average between 200 and 300 events skyrocketed to a record 2745 events one month after The Week the Earth Stood Still.
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This Superplume formation is under Black Star electromagnetic influence and is now growing OUT OF CONTROL beyond the 410-660-K boundaries of the Earth Mantle Transition Zone. The Superplume expansion is causing the seven major tectonic plates of our planet to be pushed apart and separate part of a Global Tectonic Fault Line Unzipping Phenomenon taking place around the world. Get more information at
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