2 months ago

Biden Responds to Protest in China

We are now seeing just how dangerously reliant the United States has become on China. So much so, that we can’t even criticize the Communist powerhouse’s policies or dare show support to protestors in China demanding basic human rights. It’s embarrassing.
While Americans celebrated Thanksgiving over the weekend, massive groups of protestors in China took to the streets and university campuses all across the country in response to China’s zero-COVID policy which enforces swift lockdowns of entire cities. Unsurprisingly, three years of fighting the virus through lockdowns and forced social distancing have resulted in oppressive economic hardships for many Chinese citizens.
As reported:
"Protests erupted in cities and on campuses across China this weekend as frustrated and outraged citizens took to the streets in a stunning wave of demonstrations against the government’s “zero-COVID” policy and the leaders enforcing it.
Residents in Shanghai, China’s most populous city, came together Saturday night and early Sunday, calling for the end of pandemic lockdowns and chanting, “We want freedom!” and “Unlock Xinjiang, unlock all of China!” according to witnesses at the event."
This Administration is going out of its way not to actually criticize China, or actually show support to or encourage the protestors. It’s the most toothless statement the Biden press team has ever pitched us. It’s offensive. An insincere pat on the heads of the protestors while offering a reassuring wink to the shadowy figure watching from the wings.
It shows just how truly afraid President Biden is of upsetting China and Xi Jinping. Maybe we should all be asking ourselves – or better yet our President – why?
Today’s full Sekulow broadcast includes more in-depth discussion of the historic protests currently happening in China, and what, if successful, this unexpected turn of events could mean for the people and for democracy in the communist country.

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