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LIVE: Died Suddenly Goes GLOBAL! Time For NUREMBERG TRIALS! Vaxxed Pilot Drops Dead On Take Off

Why are so few doctors speaking out? We can only guess.
But one thing is clear: Doctor Thorp is a hero and if we even had a hundred doctors like him, these deadly shots would be stopped in their tracks.

We've covered these clots on our show for a while, but today especially we realize many people may not be familiar with what this is all about. Doctor Jane Ruby has been talking about fibrous clots from the very beginning, and she’s here today to take us back to square one, and explain exactly what we’re talking about.

Our purpose on this show is demanding the truth and demanding justice, for all the people whose lives were destroyed to make Big Pharma rich, or to depopulate the globe, or simply for no reason at all.
We want a second Nuremberg tribunal. We want the people responsible for this calamity identified and put on the docket.

Last week, we got a powerful reminder of what this disaster looks like. On November 19, Captain Patrick Ford was at the controls of an American Eagle Envoy flight from Chicago to Columbus, Ohio when he “died suddenly.”

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