How can you meet someone new? - The Word Cloud Tarot Show - 28th Nov 2022

1 year ago

To celebrate the launch of the HappyToast Wordcloud #tarot
deck on #kickstarter, @revpriest does a reading
asking the age old question: How can you meet someone new?

### Past - 11 Of Pentacles, Page

Previous boyfriends have been _bookish_ _businessman_ types. _Corporate_,
and _determined_. Perhaps you met them
at work. They are _financially_ _focused_
_outdoors_ types but they were always
too _materialist_ and _diffident_ so
you you never really munged to connect
with them on an emotional level.

### Present - 11 Of Cups, Page

The last boyfriend was more of an
_artist_. _Articulate_ and _carefree_.
More _creative_ and a _dreamer_ type.
He was more _empathic_ and _sensitive_
so you thought you had made a deeper
connection with him, but it turns out
he's a _wonderer_.
_Opportunistic_ and _vivacious_.

### Future - 15 Of Trumps, Devil

So you're heading to _despair_ that
you'll ever meet anyone. You feel
_entrapped_ by _fear_ and _ignorance_,
_immobilized_ and _restrained_,
_disposed_. _Dreading_ the _nihilism_
and _nothingness_ of being alone.

### Intervention - 8 Of Swords, Interference

So what do you do about it?
You gotta make a _commitment_, _bind_
yourself to being _available_ and try
your _luck_, making _obligations_ and
future _commitments_. Face _failure_,
knowing that eventually _happenstance_
will step in.

### Influence - 2 Of Pentacles, Change

By committing yourself to more
activities, binding your choices on
staying alone at home, you will create
_change_ in your life. _Adaptability_
and _balance_. The _butterfly_ effect
will see you _change_ from a _chrysalis_
and _metamorphosed_ into a new
_partnership_ and a new _venture_.

### Obstacles - 4 Of Trumps, Emperor

You'll have to do battle with the
_Emperor_, with an _authority_ figure.
Maybe your _father_ or your _boss_?
That person has _merit_ and _integrity_
and can show _leadership_ but they are
in your way, an obstacle, and you need
to commit to change to get away from
that _authoritarian_ _moralist_.

### Outcome - 14 Of Cups, King

In the end? You'll meet a _communicative_
_compassionate_ _competent_ and
_courteous_ _guru_ who is _generous_
and _kind_. He's _lyrical_ and
_knowledgable_, a _mysterious_ _mystic_
but he's also _reasonable_ and _feeling_
and _faithful_.

### Summary

You've usually dated guys who are too
materialist and financially focused,
then you finally found a guy you
can connect with on an emotional level,
but he turned out to be a cheater.
So you feel alone and just want
to be left alone but you must make a
commitment, bind yourself to an
obligation so that you can create change
in your life, over come your problems
with your father or boss and finally
meet a kind and faithful mystical
guru of some sort.

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