ICIC Covid Vaccines - Nanotech self assembling structures within them

1 year ago

On the 27th November 2023 the International Crimes Investigative Committtee (ICIC), headed up by renowned lawyer Dr Reiner Fuellmich, had an interview session with several professionals, one of whom was Shimon Yanowitz - an expert in electrical engineering from Israel who examined the covid-19 vaccines using high magnification microscopy.

In the so-called 'vaccine' solutions (which had a verified un-tampered with source), the horrific discovery of self-assemblying nanotech components were observed.

It seems these components derive their energy to power themselves from microwave radio transmissions (such as 5G), because when they are placed in a faraday cage (a container used to block electromagnetic fields such as mobile phone signals) they stop working. Temperature also has a part to play in their function which would account for why these 'vaccines' need to be kept at very cold temperatures until ready for use.

This is real, not fake or contrived. All of the people in this session are serious well credentialled professionals who are trying to get to the bottom of exactly what is going on here. This video is an exerpt from the full session which can be seen in full at the link below for anyone who wants to see more.

In light of the alarming number of excess deaths occuring worldwide (especially in those nations most heavily vaccinated), it is very concerning to see this horrific discovery, which of course may well be the explanation for them. The 'Died Suddenly' syndrome may also be explained by this phenomena. Please also see recently released documentary by the same name - I provide a link to this also below.

ICIC Nanotechnology: self assembly structures in mRNA-injections:

Must see. 'Died Suddenly' (gone viral with millions of views in just one week) documentary:


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