Who We Are & What We Are About

Misinformation.TV is a collaboration between CJ Wheeler and Amy Schaffert, both from www.BookItCJ.com, a Patriot based PR / Media Booking Agency.

The show will explore how the media crafts narratives to fit agendas and tries to silence any voices that don't fit with the "mainstream" marketing."It used to be in the 80's or 90's the worst the TV News could do would be to put a dumb liberal idea in your mind. After 2020, we've seen that if you believe your TV, it could kill you" says CJ Wheeler who has over 30 years of experience working in TV News and Conservative Talk Radio all across America. " Our show will focus on informing and teaching people how to spot propaganda," says Wheeler.

Amy Schaffert has been a longtime free thinker having never been vaccinated, a Mom of Homeschooled children, and a strong advocate for real foods. Amy says, "The best food can be found on local farms, and YES, that includes raw milk." Amy brings a fresh and grounded perspective on all things health and family. " I just think it's very important to give parents the tools to protect their children. There's an incredible evil in the world right now, and we have to use our discernment and old-fashioned skills to beat back the negative from our children, marriages, and homes" says Amy.

Every week Misinformation.TV will interview great guests and give you helpful "how to" lessons on food, medicine, family, and homeschooling. Amy adds "Misinformation.TV is going to be a great resource for those looking for answers and solutions in this complicated tyrannical world. Want to figure out what to do in a food shortage? We are currently working on a solution that we've been sharing on our show and others" says Schaffert.

If you would like to keep up with the latest from CJ and Amy, please visit their website at www.Misinformation.TV. Subscribe to the Newsletter and visit their sponsors.

Also, please go to www.LaurenKellie.com and buy her beautiful song "Liberty." She is an incredible Patriot Artist that needs to be lifted up!

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