Refuge | Sci-fi Short Audiobook

1 year ago

"I thought of clever things I could do, ways to help. I spoke to high-minded people. I thought back then there were such things as saints."

As always, thanks to Isaac Arthur and the SFIA team for the inspiring theme!
Based on the SFIA theme: "Alien Refugees"

If you prefer to read rather than listen, a PDF of the story formatted for tablets & e-readers is available on the story's page on my website linked below:

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About this project: I am writing a weekly sci-fi story based on the theme of Isaac Arthur’s SFIA videos. It’s a crazy challenging timeframe to create a good short story in, and to do so publicly is even more daunting. I’m just hoping some good stories come out of this and I have fun writing them. So far so good, I think. Thanks for stopping by!

For the serious writers out there: Mechanics of Fiction Writing Series

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