3 months ago

Puppy Experiences First Ever Snowfall With His Dad

Russell and Miles are a father-and-son Norwich Terrier combo of fun. And today? Why there’s fresh snow! The first of the season!

It’s November 16, 2022, and we're here in Ottawa, Canada’s capital city. The weather is mild, the snowflakes are fluffy and it’s time for some puppy-play!

Although Russell hasn’t seen snow in at least six months, at the grand age of three, he has seen that many winters so far. In fact, Russell came into the world in wintertime and for a while, he must have thought this frozen world was all there was. What a surprise he must have had as the snow began to melt and the flowers began to bloom after many months of cold and dark.

Ah, but that’s another story. Today, Russell gets to be the experienced gentleman, hesitating only a brief moment before bravely plunging forth into the white stuff.

On the other hand, Miles has never seen such a wonder before. His four-month-old world has been transformed overnight. Let’s freshly discover it ourselves, right along with him … and his dad, as they step out of the doorway and into icy-cold adventure!

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