Why Herschel Walker MUST Win This Election

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There was a report on a corporate media news outlet today that disturbed me. They were saying that many Republicans are not too concerned about the Georgia runoff election for U.S. Senate since Democrats had already won control. What difference does one vote make, they asked.

This was disinformation. They know the stakes are very high for this runoff and they want Republicans to be unconcerned about it in hopes that they could shave off some of the votes on behalf of Democrats. But just in case there really are some Republicans out there who are yawning over the race between Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock, let me say one name and one other word: "Joe Manchin" and "Filibuster."

The only reason Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden couldn't get some of their legislation passed the last two years is because Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia opposes the filibuster. Some may point out that Senator Kyrsten Sinema from Arizona is another roadblock for Democrats, but I would argue that solidarity with Manchin is the only reason she's able to stave off attacks. If she was the loan vote, I believe she would have caved.

If Warnock wins, that would give Democrats a 51-49 advantage. At some point, likely over gun control or a version of the Green New Deal, Schumer will make a new push to eliminate the filibuster. Even if Manchin votes against it but Sinema votes for it, that would be a tie broken by Kamala Harris. The filibuster would fall.

Some would argue that Congressman Kevin McCarthy being Speaker of the House would remove the risk of Democrat legislation passing. I could make the "never trust a RINO" argument, but I'd also point out that with the GOP's razor-thin majority in the House, all Democrats would have to do is convert a small handful of Republicans to their side in order to get gun control, Green New Deal, or other destructive pieces of legislation passed.

On today's episode of The JD Rucker Show, I dove into why I believe this is the case. I also had on Guy Mitchell, author of Global Warming: The Great Deception, to discuss the climate change agenda and how a Walker victory in Georgia is absolutely essential.

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