My Marinara.....

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1 year ago

I was asked to put this together.
Many thanks to Chef Bob, Maria from Sicily, My Grandma, and My father....without them this recipe would have never come to fruition.

4 cans (32oz) crushed tomatoes
1 Can (32oz) Tomato Puree
1 LG Red Onion 
1 LG Yellow Onion 
1 Pound fresh sliced Mushrooms 
½ pound Fresh Basil (½ cup dried)
1 0z Thyme leaves 
¼ pound Fresh Oregano (¼ cup dried) 
½ tblsp finely chopped garlic (2 or 3 large cloves)  
2 Bay Leaves` 
1 tblsp olive oil 
In a 2 gallon sauce/stock pot  Heat olive oil…Chop all Herbs and Garlic finely and saute’ in olive oil until garlic is white. Add crushed tomatoes, and Tomato puree. (do the same if dried herbs are used) Bring to slow boil over low heat. Add onions. Allow to reduce…about three hours. Add Mushrooms. 
About the Shone House... 
Located just a block away from the old Central Pacific tracks, the Shone House was one of many hotels serving railroad traffic at the turn of the century. Today only two modest hotels from the period remain in the neighborhood (the other is the Martin Hotel at Melarkey and Railroad streets). Though damaged by fire in 1980, the building was fully restored later in that decade. The two-story, wood-frame hotel has a false front capped by a narrow cornice decorated with pairs of small brackets. Shiplap siding and a front porch enhance the building's frontier appearance.
Historic hotel that has been used as a rooming house also would make great bed & breakfast. Beautiful building is in good condition. There are 17 double rooms & 4 single rooms. Kitchen is common to residents. Each floor has 2 full baths plus extra 1/2 bath at end of hallways.Right in town on Bridge Street. Within walking distance of Bridge Street shopping, library, Court House, hospital, city park, and market.
602 S Bridge St

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