DANNY SULLIVAN - Eternal Bloom

1 year ago

"Eternal Bloom" is an upbeat and energetic drum and bass instrumental song by musician Danny Sullivan. Clocking in at a quick 160 BPM, it features guitars 🎸, Rhodes keys 🎹, bass synth, and live drums 🥁. The eternal bloom is the continuous growth process.

👉 Danny's Website: https://www.dannysullivanmusic.com/

I'm Danny Sullivan, a keyboard player, singer, guitarist, and drummer from Athens, GA, USA. My original indie songs and instrumentals feature pop, rock, funk, and electronic elements to provide you with a fun and diverse listening experience. I have no doubt that you will be able to find a song of mine that you enjoy!

#drumandbass #music #song #fast #energy #dnb #electronic #electronicmusic #eternal #bloom #growth

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