3 months ago

American Defender of Zion Award Presented to President Trump by Marc Goldman

Marc Goldman presented the American Defender of Zion award to President Donald Trump. This award recognized President Trump for all that he did during his administration for the great state of Israel. For the unwavering stand President Trump took to be a strong ally for the people of Israel.

JEXIT USA (Jews Exiting the Democrat Party) and The United West worked together to get this award presented to President Trump. Both organizations are strong supporters of Israel.

Learn more about JEXIT USA here: https://www.jexitusa.org/

Defend the Border is a campaign of The United West, to educate America about the national security threats at the southern border.

We need you to share our work with friends and family! This is a movement that we MUST win! There is an invasion on our southern borders!

JOIN US here: https://defendtheborder.org/contact/ Email us: info@defendtheborder.org

Find more about us here:

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