2 months ago

Tito Ortiz: MMA Legend Speaks on Freedom, Family and Fighting

Tito Ortiz is the former UFC Lightweight Champion of the world, and today he sits down with Harrison Rogers to chat about his Mixed Martial Arts career as well as the importance of raising a family in today's world! This is an in-depth discussion on freedom, family as well as fighting!

Listen in on the conversation about the mixed martial arts history with some amazing fights that Ortiz has had during his tenure as a professional fighter. He's one of the original fighters who truly helped the UFC take off in the early 2000's and we get to hear about his stories today!

Tito continues to have the drive to fight and will continue to do so both in the combat sports world as well as in the real world.

In this conversation Tito and Harrison talk about America and how awesome the country is, but how we must fight back to make sure we protect the rights we have in this country!

How are we raising our kids in the United States? How important is the family unit in our homes? Are we raising our kids or allowing electronics and other influences, raise our kids? What are the parents' responsibilities for the future of this country? We need to have a nuclear family. There is an importance in having God in our families and in our homes!

What does the future of the United States look like if we continue down this same path?

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