Emergencies Act Inquiry: Anita Anand Defense Minister | FULL

Published November 23, 2022 2,235 Views
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Emegency Act Inquiry continues with testimony from Canadian defense minister Anita Anand, and Transportation Minister Omar Alghabra.

Full coverage of the "Public Order Emergency Comission" hearings - "Emergencies Act Inquiry.

Full coverage daily of the "Emergencies Act Inquriy" begins with an introduction and analysis from veteran journalist Rick Walker. Today Rick outlines internal governmetn documents which warned Prime Minister Justin Trudeau his reasons for involking the emergencies act could be challenged because they may not have met the leagl threshold. The Emergencies Act is the re-written "War Meaures" act and a high legal threshold must be met before it is used with justification.

Rick Walker aslo examines the differences in bias between legacy media outlints including Global News, CTV News, and CBC News compared to new emerging media and independent jouranalists.

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