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San Francisco's Disgraceful closure of the Cliff House

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As a building with a history as odd as it is tragic, the Cliff House is by far one of San Francisco’s most iconic historical sites. Today on It’s History, we will uncover this history and one of its strangest and most dangerous accidents.

The Cliff House is a neo-classical style building perched on the headland above the cliffs just north of Ocean Beach in the Outer Richmond neighborhood of San Francisco, California. The building overlooks the site of the Sutro Baths ruins, Seal Rocks, and is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, operated by the National Park Service (NPS). The NPS owns the Cliff House; the building's terrace hosts a room-sized camera obscura. For most of the Cliff House's history, since 1863, the building's main draw has been restaurants and bars where patrons could enjoy the Pacific Ocean views. Since 1977, these restaurants and bars have been run by a private operator under contract with the National Park Service. In December 2020, the 47-year operator of these amenities announced that it was closing, and it criticized the NPS for not having signed a new long-term lease with any operator since its own prior 20-year lease had expired in June 2018.] Dozens of ships have run aground on the southern shore of the Golden Gate below the Cliff House.

2:26 - How The California Gold Rush resulted in the construction of the Cliff House.
4:30 - The origins of the first Cliff House
5:48 - Why the Mayor of San Francisco bought the Cliff House in 1883
6:18 - Why The California cliff house is cursed
8:26 - The History of the Sutro baths
9:10 - Why the 3rd Cliff house was indestructible
10:48 - The Final Downfall of The Cliff House

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