Audrey Velicka Story - A FormerFedsGroup Interview

1 year ago

Paula Garvey Marunas joins us to talk about what happened to her sister Audrey in an American Hospital regarding the Covid protocols. "A couple of weeks after she arrived, she started having symptoms and tested positive for Covid.  She alerted us of the prognosis and remained isolated at home fighting the infection.  A few days later she complained of shortness of breath.  Concerned, we advised her to go to the hospital for oxygen and possibly some fluids, vitamins and whatever else they could give her so she could regain her strength. At the time we were unaware of hospital protocol and stories of mistreatment but Audrey was aware, and she was very hesitant to seek help.  She immediately responded, “they are going to want to put me on a ventilator”.  Reluctant, she went and she never came home."

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